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Do you know someone who is in jail and needs out quickly? Being stuck in jail while waiting for an arraignment can be a problem if you need to get home to your children or get to work the following day. Call Always Available 24-7 Bail Bond Agency to get you out quickly because as our name implies, we are always available. Always Available 24-7 Bail Bond Agency is affilated with SMD & HLS Bonding Company for the experienced bail bonding services you need and expect from a professional bail bond agency.

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Always Available 24-7 Bail Bond Agency helps clients navigate the complicated bonding system. Agent Tammy Miick heads the bonding department with extensive knowledge of the Butler County court system. Whether you have been picked up for a DUI, Drug Charge, or warrant, we are here to answer your questions and get you out quickly so you may remedy whatever situation caused the unfortunate arrest.

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They treated me like a human being which was truly appreciated since we were already in a stressful situation. I would recommend this company to anyone! - Jared B., Fairfield, OH